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Don't keep the sea waiting

Hear the sound of the sea touching the shore as you recline your seat while drinking your favorite tropical drink! It is time to take a break from work and give yourself the much-needed vacation that you have always been planning – but never pursuing!

Pack your bags and head out of the door and take your feet to the beautiful sandy sands of Monte Casa Hotel! Pamper yourself with all the luxury that this boutique hotel has to offer and feel rejuvenated when you come back to work!

At Monte Casa, our guests are our top priority! That is why we have created special packages for all our loyal customers!

Among our most favorite offers is our 30% CASH BACK GUARANTEE! Reserve your room early and we will cut back the cost of your room! Reach out to our friendly customer service representative and ask them about this special offer.

We want our guests to feel the warmth of our services, that is why we will provide you a COMPLIMENTARY BOTTLE OF WINE the moment you arrive at Monte Casa to celebrate the start of ana amazing vacation! Get to indulge in our tasty wine as you enjoy the view from your reserved room!

When you book a room at Monte Casa, it does not just come with a complimentary breakfast. Because we want you to have the best experience while staying at Monte Casa, we are giving you BREAKFAST AND DINNER right at our famous restaurant with a thematic international kitchen! You won’t need to add dinner when reserving the room as it is already included in the package!

To continue with your relaxing vacation, we would also want you to experience the goodness of what our spa has to offer. That is why we have added a 30 MINUTES BACK & SHOULDER MASSAGE when you reserve your rooms here at Monte Casa! Feel your muscles relax after a long day of walking around the surrounding tourist spots as our professional masseur work on your tired muscles.

We want you to feel more excited even if you have not stepped foot inside Monte Casa Hotel. That is why we have included a TRANSFER FROM BOTH DIRECTIONS OF TIVAT & PODGORICA! Get a first-hand experience of what Monte Casa has to offer when you have a special transfer service the moment you decide to make your vacation dream come true!

Stop imagining and start booking your rooms here at Monte Casa! With this amazing package that Monte Casa has to offer, the only thing that you would be thinking about is when you will be feeling the sands of the beach and dining at the restaurant!

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