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Best Activities in Montenegro: Take a Ride on Lake Skadar


Best Activities in Montengro: Take a Ride on Lake Skadar

Montenegro’s Lake Skadar is a rather spectacular destination. The largest lake in the Balkans and one of the largest in Europe, Lake Skadar is a natural playground for lovers of outdoor adventures, and in the top list of family-friendly places in Montenegro. 

Since 1983, the Montenegrin side of Lake Skadar has been a protected National Park and in 1996 was added to the World’s List of Wetlands of International Importance. 

There are several ways you can experience the beauty and culture of Lake Skadar.  

Lake Skadar is a birders’ paradise, with 270 kinds of birds, including some rare and endangered species like the Dalmatian Pelican and Pygmy Cormorant.

The mountains are home to wild tortoises, beautifully colored lizards, and amphibians, and every path is full of medicinal herbs and wild orchids.

The most incredible activity in Lake Skadar is to explore the lake and its wildlife, villages, fortress ruins, and islet monasteries in perfect peace and silence on a kayak or by boat cruise.

The dramatic karst mountains, hills, valleys, and historic villages around the lake, offer the perfect base for hiking excursions. 

You can also rent a bicycle and pedal your way through the lakeshore and the surrounding countryside to explore picturesque fishing villages, beautiful natural scenery, and farmlands.

Lake Skadar has also freshwater beaches and yes, you can swim in the lake.

But also the food lovers will not be disappointed! Lake Skadar offers several gastronomic delights thanks to the ideal climate between the sea and the mountains for organically produced treats. The scents of mint, rosemary, wild sage, cherries, plums, and mandarins fill the air on every hiking trail. You can enjoy fresh-water fish specialties and renowned wines, along with delicious domestic honey, goat’s cheese, home-cured smoked ham, and home-distilled rakija. 

What else to add? Lake Skadar is a wild wonder waiting to be explored and it is just 30 minutes away from Monte Casa SPA & Wellness. We offer transfer service and packages with overnight stays and activities. Contact us to know more.


Size of the lake: from 530 to 370 km2

Length: 44 km

Width: 14 km

Distance from Adriatic Sea: 7 km

Species of birds: 270

Species of fish: 50

Rare plants in the Lake Skadar National Park: 30+

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