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September In Montenegro

Do you know what is the ideal time for vacation in Montenegro? Whomever you ask will answer you it’s September.

In September the weather is very pleasant and there are much fewer tourists. Rainy days are rare and the sea did not cool down yet. You can comfortably lay on the beach if you are a beach-lover and you can enjoy hiking if you are a hiking enthusiast.

They say that by September, a paradise for holidaymakers is approaching.

Montenegro is plenty of activities to enjoy even more when the weather gets a bit cooler. From paragliding to diving, to canyoning, rafting, fishing, and more.

September is also the best time for educational pastimes. And so for example a trip to the ancient and former capital city of Cetinje will inform you about the history, the art, and the cultural heritage of Montenegro.

And you know what is the best time for vineyard tours? You guessed it!

If you’re still not convinced and you need some more reasons to book your travel to Montenegro this September, here is the calendar of the upcoming events for the next month:

August 30 – September 9 13th Jazz Festival, Petrovac

September 6 – 7 Farmers Market in Porto Montenegro

September 12 – 15 Big Game Fishing championship, Herceg Novi

September 19 City holiday of Ћabljak resort

September 20 – 28 SlovoNovo Forum of Russian Culture in Europe, Budva

September 22 Thousand Islands Race, Porto Montenegro

September 27 – 28 Autumn Charity Yachting Fest, Herceg Novi

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