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Art In Montenegro

Art in Montenegro – Part I

When talking about art and the major art centers, most probably Montenegro will not come immediately up in the conversation. 

Nevertheless, you need to know that this small region hides some art treasures worth looking at.

Let’s start with the Art Museum of Montenegro. It was born in the former capital of the country Cetinje in 1950, and when 20 years later its collection expanded it became the Art National Museum. Nowadays the museum exhibits almost 2,800 artworks among which there are icons, frescoes, and important pieces of contemporary Yugoslav and Montenegrin fine arts. Also in Cetinje, you will find the contemporary art gallery Atelje DADO Gallery. This space presents a wide range of art forms by regional artists ranging from photography, video, sculpture, and painting.

Another place worth mentioning is Most Gallery. This is a contemporary art gallery located in the capital city Podgorica. Throughout its almost 3 decades of history, Most hosted more than 300 individual and collective exhibitions. In addition to being a place for art exhibitions, Most became a prominent cultural center where to discuss theatre, cinema, and multimedia and promote arts through events and publications. 

While in Podgorica, you can also visit Pizana Gallery. This gallery serves as a creative hub for a range of cultural initiatives and presents the works of its artists in local and International fairs. Here you can admire the works of young Montenegrin artists and for more than 40 years since its foundation, Pizana hosted the exhibitions of Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalì.

The II part of this article will follow shortly.

Art in Montenegro – Part II

Today we continue our list of the best museums, art galleries, and cultural institutions in Montenegro.

Because as we said last week, although Montenegro is a small country that will be rarely mentioned in a conversation about art, it is equally true that its artistic treasures are waiting to be discovered.

So let’s start by mentioning the Center for Contemporary Art of Montenegro sited in Podgorica.

This important institution for the culture of Montenegro was founded in 1995 within the monumental Petrovic Castle. Here is displayed the most important selection of south-eastern Europe, of unique and international artworks from 60 countries in the African, Asian, European, and Latin-American continents.

The second art place worth mentioning this week is the Modern Gallery. This museum sited in Budva exhibits pieces of modern and contemporary art. All the works currently displayed in the Modern Gallery have been donated by the artists who since the year of its foundation in 1972 have held their exhibitions in this space. In its 50 years of life, the gallery was able to collect about 400 pieces classified in the Fine Art Collection, National Art Collection, the Collection of Local Artists, and the Naïve Art Collection.

A true art treasure is the Gallery House, Art Studio, and Boutique Winery. In this welcoming place, you can appreciate the artworks while tasting exquisite wine, and listening to good live music. What a great combo!

Another magic place we’re going to add to our list is the Magic Yard Gallery. Here you can feel all the Balkan energy through a great selection of handmade art pieces such as paintings, dresses, ceramics, and more, made by local artists.

Those are our art hints for this week. We hope you liked them.

If you want to let us know what you think of our tips, or if you want to suggest to us the next topic we should cover, please contact us on Instagram at @montecasa.hotel.

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